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                       Team Recall


        We are from Southwest Nebraska, Just family and friends that hunt and fish.


   I'm Richard Placzek, I am a Bowhunter.  I do go rifle hunting once in a great while.

   But my passion is bowhunting.  What I wanted to do,  is pass the enjoyment of the outdoors to my children and grandchildren.   It has been a blessing to see each one

of them take on the task.   My oldest daughter is Tyra, she is married to Scott Barger,

and has three boys.  My next daughter is Talia, she is married to Aaron Sawyer, and 

has one baby girl.  And my next daughter is Taryn, she is married to Joel Arterburn,

and have one boy and one baby girl.

   So as you can tell I have raised three beautiful girls, that are very close to my heart.

   Tyra, will go fishing but would rather cook.  All the boys want to do is to go with grandpa and hunt.

   Talia, she loves to fish and hunt.  She enjoys the rifle and crossbow hunting.  Now

with a little girl she is already dressing her in camo.

   Taryn, she is all about bowhunting, but she will pick up a rifle or shotgun.   She has already taken her son turkey hunting at age three with grandpa.  And for the little girl she is also dresssed up in camo.

   For all the son-in laws,  Scott enjoys archery and rifle hunting and Aaron enjoys

supporting his wife when she takes off to go hunting.  Joel loves to be with his wife

outdoors hunting, fishing, or just camping with the family.

  So you  may ask how I got so lucky,  It's because of my wife, Tonya.  She is the backbone

of our family.  





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